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Hello, my name is Emily. 15 years old. I happen to be obsessed with Tony Perry, Jenna McDougall, Fall Out Boy, and Brittany and Matty Mullins.
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if easter and 4/20 are both today can it be called a joint holiday

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Bulls in the Bronx - Pierce the Veil


I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have differing views and whatnot but how the fuck do you not like dogs

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Do you have any tips for going to an atl concert? I'm going to one in two weeks and I could use some advice. What to wear, what to bring, all of that jazz. I'm so unbelievably excited and I want it to be perfect.



Are you ready for this?

What to wear:

  • You can wear your hair down outside in line and things because you might actually care about how your hair looks, when you get inside throw it up. It’s best for you and everyone around you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, you’re going to look like a sweaty mess after it’s over anyways. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes, nothing that’s hot. A t-shirt and your favorite jeans. 
  • I saw somewhere where people were saying not to wear a band shirt to their concert. Not true, a lot of people do (I almost always do). If you don’t want to wear a band shirt, or if you don’t have one, wear whatever you’d like as long as it’s just a regular shirt. Nothing hanging off and flying everywhere and nothing too tight you can’t breath. 
  • I wore my boots to the concert, and they were pretty comfortable, but I’d definitely recommend like Vans (converse etc) just know your shoes and know what you can jump around in and what’s comfortable enough that if you’ve been standing for a few hours your feet isn’t going to be killing you.


  • Before the show (probably about a day before too) start drinking lots of water. Seriously, people get hurt because they don’t. 
  • Get there as soon as possible (I always get there around noon, but that’s a little early so if you later it’s ok) 
  • While you’re waiting in line, make friends with the people around you. You’re going to be there for awhile. (Making friends usually happen naturally, don’t freak out) 
  • While in line think about a game plan. Which side do you want to be on? Who do you want to be with (your friends)? How close do you want to be?
  • When the doors open stick to your game plan. If you want barrier, get there as soon as possible (yes, some even run.) 
  • As the rest off the crowd is filling in, it’s very important to make friends with the people around you. They will make sure you’re okay the entire show (believe me lmao) 
  • Just remember this: If your shoulder and your foot is in front of the person next to you, it’s your spot. If they start inching forward, they’re trying to take your spot. (That’s also a tip for you to get closer to barrier)
  • If you see a crowd surfer, notify the people around you. They’ll return the favor for you when you’re not paying attention
  • Pushing is going to happen, don’t complain about it. It’s apart of the show and if you’re complaining it’s going to make others complain and it’s just not fun for anyone. No one cares, and they don’t want to hear it. It’s a concert, there’s going to be pushing. 
  • Don’t think that “all time low isn’t going to be on until blah blah, i have plenty of time to get to the front.” no. Get to the front as soon as possible. 
  • If you or someone around you needs help to get out of the pit, you scream  for the security and for others around you to help. Don’t take this shit lightly, you need to get immediate help and get them out of the pit. 

I hope this helps! anymore questions, just ask. 

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dont tweet band members anything you wouldnt say to them in real life

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im on a date with a cute guy at the movies he’s sitting a row ahead of me with his girlfriend it’s so romantic

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